Bees for Sale

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more details

Order bees that will be SHIPPED to you on May 18, 2016

Please note this is the SHIP date, not the ARRIVAL date.

Please also be aware that the weather - too hot or too cold - can cause ship dates to be re-scheduled.

$175 includes shipping.


more details
more details

Order your Bees for Pickup on Bee Pickup Day!

Pickup Hours:  9am to 4pm

Pickup location:
KOA Campground - Journey
30 Mallard Drive
Richmond, ME  04357

Link to Campground website here.

Link to directions here.

Simple to find and easy to get to!

Start your beekeeping journey on a fun note - camp overnight on Friday if you like, then pick up your bees and head home.

Stay tuned for other activities being planned for Bee Pickup Day!


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