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Beautiful 3# package of treatment-free bees

The weather this spring has been nuts! It’s been causing a lot of shifting of bee ship dates.
As of April 4, 2018 all orders for shipped bees will ship two weeks later then the date shown.

For example, If you place an order today for bees to be shipped on the April 18th ship date - be aware that the ACTUAL ship date will be May 2nd.
On the product list, it looks like:  April 18 2018 (May 2)
We appreciate your ability to roll with the changes and we apologize for the confusion!


Review our 2018 Bee Policies here. (The page will open in a new window.)
To complete your order you MUST CHECK THE BOX above confirming that you have read and understood this important information.

 About our beautiful bees for sale:

Gold Star Honeybees are raised treatment-free. What does that mean?  It means no chemical treatments.

They are 3-pound packages with naturally mated, unmarked queens.

They are raised on small-cell foundation, making them ideal for all hive types where the bees will make their own wax.

These package honeybees are just fine for other hive types too. 

They are "mutt bees" - a very hardy mix of Russian, Italian, and Carniolan genetics.

They are "four season bees" - acclimated to a climate with four seasons and winter hardy!
They are raised in northern Georgia and the great state of Tennessee. 

The ship dates are shown as "Week of ..."  Typically the bees will get into the mailstream on either Tuesday or Wednesday of the ship week. The bees are shipped directly to your local post office from the beeyard via USPS Priority Mail insured. You will receive a tracking number when they start on their journey to you. They will be shipped "Hold for Pickup" - so you will receive a phone call from your post office asking you to "Come and get your bees!"

Visit the Farmer's Almanac here.
Wondering what ship dates work for your locale? 
Choose a date that's close to or just after the average last frost in your area.

Download your FREE Top Bar Hive Start-Up Handbook here.
Wondering how to get the bees into your hive?  Get step by step instructions for hiving bees in your new top bar hive! 

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