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3-pound package bees - shipped

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2017 Shipped Bees
Free Shipping
Gorgeous 3-pound package of treatment-free honeybees.

Gold Star Honeybees are raised treatment-free. What does that mean?  It means no chemical treatments.

They are 3-pound packages with naturally mated, unmarked queens.

They are raised on small-cell foundation, making them ideal for all hive types where the bees will make their own wax.

These package honeybees are just fine for other hive types too. 

They are "mutt bees" - a very hardy mix of Russian, Italian, and Carniolan genetics.

They are "four season bees" - acclimated to a climate with four seasons and winter hardy!
They are raised in northern Georgia and the great state of Tennessee. 

The ship dates are shown as "Week of ..."  Typically the bees will get into the mailstream on either Tuesday or Wednesday of the ship week. The bees are shipped directly to your local post office from the beeyard via USPS Priority Mail insured. You will receive a tracking number when they start on their journey to you. They will be shipped "Hold for Pickup" - so you will receive a phone call from your post office asking you to "Come and get your bees!" 

Wondering what ship dates work for your locale?  Visit the Farmer's Almanac here.
Choose a date later than the last frost in your area!

Please review our 2017 Bee Policies - found here.  (The page will open in a new window.)

You MUST then CHECK THE BOX above stating that you have read these policies in order to compete your order. 

Wondering how to get the bees into your hive?  Get step by step instructions for hiving bees in your new top bar hive!  Download your FREE Top Bar Hive Start-Up Handbook here.

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  • 5
    bees arrived healthy and not seeming worse for the

    Posted by scott haroldsen on Apr 3rd 2017

    5 stars except really frustrated with delivery, arrived sat night and could not pick up till Monday morning.
    From GSH: We're sorry to hear the USPS wasn't more accommodating- but very glad the bees arrived in fine shape.
    Thanks Scott!

  • 5
    3# package of bees

    Posted by Frank Harris on Mar 27th 2017

    My bees left TN on Wednesday and got to Shreveport, LA on Friday morning and they were VERY HEALTHY!! I could count the dead ones on the bottom and it was under 10, for a box of 10,000, that is pretty amazing!! Christy Hemenway has been SUPER attentive and helpful, great product and service!!

  • 5
    3 pound package bees with queen

    Posted by orville williams on Mar 27th 2017

    Package arrived intact. Swarm alive and buzzing. minimal dead bees less than twelve laying on floor. Can of sugar water still at least half full. Queen cage sealed with corks intact. Removed cork on candy end. Attaching stap of queen may be a challenge if you dont have a pushpin or staple gun. Queen appears small enough to be able to crawl through queen excluder panel. Overall pleased the swarm is staying together and appear healthy and active. Now starting on day three in the new hive hopefully the sunshine will bring flight for pollen searching as their seems to be plenty of blooms starting.

  • 5
    Pleasant Surprise

    Posted by Tim Daly on Mar 27th 2017

    It got very cold again after I got the shipping notification. I expected to recieve a box of dead bees. They arrived very alive. Very few dead in the bottom. Maybe a dozen. I'm very happy.

  • 5
    3-pound package, treatment free honeybees

    Posted by Kathy on Mar 25th 2017

    I recieved my bees yesterday morning. There were a whole lot of bees! They were all healthy and seemed happy, very few fatalities in shipment. The queen was fiesty with a few workers in her cage. Within hours they were out doing cleansing flights, orientation flights and even already bringing in pollen. I am very, very happy with my shipment of bees. Thank You !!

  • 5
    My First Package of Bees!

    Posted by Chad R. Miller on Mar 25th 2017

    Last season, a wild swarm moved into my hive of its own volition. That was cool, but when they absconded, I decided to get my new package from Gold Star Honey Bees. They arrived remarkably healthy, and are already calmly orienteering just two hours after installation. I'm super excited about my Gold Star Bees!

  • 5
    3-pound package of bees

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 25th 2017

    Bees arrived in excellent condition faster than expected. They're very healthy. Communications from the seller was superb.

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