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Greetings!  YES, WE DO ship bees!

3 pound packages with queens.

They are treatment-free, small-cell, "Mutt bees,"

Italian/Carniolan/Russian genetics. 


 (*And Yes, Virginia, Gift Certificates purchased now can be used for Bees in 2018.)


Prices for 2018 are not confirmed yet but unless the post office seriously raises their rates,

we estimate they'll be similar to last year -  which was $175 with free shipping.

We expect to ship on 6 separate ship dates, and we will post those dates when prices are confirmed.



To receive an email notification when prices and ship dates are confirmed and bees are made available for sale on the website,

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Bees must arrive as the weather begins to warm.

Need help with choosing a ship date?  Find your "last frost date" here.


 !!@@!!  IMPORTANT  !!@@!!

Be sure to read our Bee Policies here.


 If you'd like to find Top Bar Hive beekeepers the world over,
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