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Welcome Beekeepers, to life during a pandemic...

Never before has the phrase "Bee well" landed with such a significant thud.  After spinning in place for a week or two after NC governor Roy Cooper put in place a stay-at-home order, and  having my mind blown with information about government loans being made available to businesses that are unable to be open and so have no revenue, and paycheck protection plans for people with no paychecks - emotionally I found myself in a place where I just felt like I needed to DO something.  But I wanted to do something that felt positive and productive in some way, and that helped counteract the desolate feeling of being isolated. 

Enter Bee School. ⭐️

Beekeeping is a good way to self-isolate while at the same time being connected to nature.  And for me it's a good way to feel connected to YOU.  Which just feels BETTER.

So we will utilize the available technology and LIVE STREAM our Weekend Intensive class via YouTube.  We'll start at 10am on Saturday April 18th and run through to about 4-4:30pm, with a 1/2 hour knock off for lunch, and then get up on Sunday April 19th and do it again.  The class consists of four separate sessions, those are described in depth here

UPDATE:  This Live Stream is complete.  As of 4/21/2020 - it remains available on YouTube, at least for the time being.  Soon we will take it down and edit some of the tech hiccups and give it a permanent online home.  in the meantime - enjoy!  AND PLEASE BE SURE TO CLICK LIKE, AND SUBSCRIBE - we hope to be giving the YouTube channel a facelift and an update right soon.

Saturday, April 18 


Sunday, April 19 


In the meantime we have also reconnected with our former hit kit builder Chuck, from back in Maine and we will be taking pre-orders for a set of  10 Gold Star Hive Kits (at least).  The logistics are a little weird but frankly this is easier than trying to establish a relationship with yet another new supplier in NC during a pandemic stay-at-home order.

So please enjoy the class, check out the hive kits, and if you're not on the Bee List, where we send updates about things like this, please join today.  It's the white field in the black bar towards the bottom of the web page, and it looks just like this:



Here's the link to the latest Bee List email, with updates about bees and this class and hive kit pre-orders, along with a video of me summing it all up.


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