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Syrup Feeder

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Syrup Feeder
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One quart syrup feeder jar works well to get a new hive started in the spring!

Feed your new bees with ease with our uber-simple syrup feeder kit.  The Gold Star Top Bar Hive Feeder is accessed by your bees through the follower board - the one with the "drive-through window" access hole.  Feeding syrup supports your bees while they're getting established in their new home. Please do it. ä_¥Ÿ  We know it's junk food - but it beats starvation by a long shot.  In future, you may never have to feed your bees again - they will have their own nutritious and delicious honey!

This feeder sets securely inside your hive to give your bees easy access to food.  That works to help prevent robbing by other bees from stronger, more established hives, who may be out searching for a "free lunch." Designed especially to fit the sloped interior of the Gold Star hive.

It takes bees 70% more energy to make honey from sugar syrup than it does for them to make it from the natural nectar of flowers. So be prudent about feeding your bees. If you are having to feed them because all of their honey was taken from them – remember that that is not the purpose of natural beekeeping!  BUT -- if they are a new package, or for some other reason you will lose them to starvation because they have no other food source, then feeding them is a pretty reasonable “band-aid” step.

HOW TO MIX 1:1 SUGAR SYRUP (for spring packages)

♦ Boil 10 cups of water in a large pot. Remove it from
♦ Stir in one 5-pound bag of sugar until the sugar is
♦ Add a splash of lemon juice to help preserve the syrup.
♦ Do not allow the water to boil after adding the sugar –
this causes the mixture to caramelize and this is not good
for bees!
♦ This quantity will make approximately 4.5 quarts of
syrup. Store the unused portion in the refrigerator until
it’s needed.

HOW TO MIX 2:1 SUGAR SYRUP (for fall if needed)

♦ To increase this ratio to 2:1 - double the SUGAR, NOT
the water, i.e., one 10-pound bag of sugar into 10 cups of

Be sure you are using cane sugar only.  Organic cane sugar is fine, but raw sugar, brown sugar, turbinado sugar, or beet sugar are not.  Read the label thoughtfully - if it does not say CANE SUGAR - it is probably BEET SUGAR.  Other products will give your bees a tummyache due to the solids found therein.


Thomas Edison once said, “Until man duplicates a blade of grass, nature can laugh at his so- called scientific knowledge.”

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    Great unit for Top Bar Hive feeding! Easy to use and evaluate consumption of sugar syrup.

    Posted by Anne Bulger on May 6th 2017

    A bit expensive...

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