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The Thinking Beekeeper Educational Series

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Thinking Beekeeper Book package
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Top Bar Hive Beekeeping Class


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Keeping bees in top bar hives is simple, easy, and fun! This engaging educational package will boost your confidence and have you raising top bar bees in no time. When you understand the underlying basics, you are building your beekeeping skills on a solid foundation.  It just makes sense!


Purchasing The Thinking Beekeeper Educational Series is an easy 1-2 process:


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The Thinking Beekeeper -A Guide to Natural Beekeeping in Top Bar Hives
The first book of this series, The Thinking Beekeeper is the definitive do-it-yourself guide to natural beekeeping in top bar hives. The book has many photos and detailed diagrams of hive management steps throughout the season, as well as a blank master diagram for you to copy and use to record your hive's progress.

Advanced Top Bar Beekeeping - Next Steps for the Thinking Beekeeper
Advanced Top Bar Beekeeping picks up where The Thinking Beekeeper left off, providing a wealth of information for backyard beekeepers ready to take the next step with this economical, bee-friendly approach. See what all the buzz is about with this must-read guide for the new breed of thinking beekeeper.

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Sit back and enjoy the class!  Let us know what you think with comments and reviews.  And know - that we are proud to be a part of your beekeeping journey.





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