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Top Bar Hive Starter Comb

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Starter Comb
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This starter comb kit will make your bees feel right at home in their new hive!

Losing your bees to “absconding*” just after hiving them in your brand new top bar hive is heartbreaking.  Keep them at home with this simple hive starter comb!

This helpful tool contains:

  • one piece of brown broodcomb**
  • one length of flexible green wire to attach it to your top bar
  • one dose of 100% pure, therapeutic grade lemongrass essential oil

* Absconding is a complicated way of saying that your bees have gone on walkabout.  Absconding usually happens in the first week to ten days and can be caused by too much "new hive smell" (provide bee smell in the form of comb!), an open bottom board (close it up until they get started!), an observation window with no shutter or an open shutter (close it up and make it dark inside the hive!).  Sadly, they don't return.  :-(

** The browner the better, say the bees!

Limited supply.

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