About that “Back-To-School” thing…

About that “Back-To-School” thing…

Posted by Christy Hemenway on Sep 27th 2017

Every year, watching the seasonal ebb and flow of beekeeping fascinates me. In spring, it’s bees and startup equipment. In summer, it’s second hives for swarm surprises, and real-world, hands-on learning, and all the related real-time questions in the bee yard. In fall, the folks who met some bees and some beekeepers, and decided they wanted to learn to keep bees next year – those folks come to Bee School!

So here we are in the September/October time-frame, and we’ve got two live Weekend Intensive classes on the calendar - both in Maine.(You can register on the website:

The dates are October 14/15 and October 28/29.This live class is a full weekend, 9am to 4pm each day, and walks both beginner and experienced beeks through the important HOW and the even more important WHY of keeping bees in top bar hives. Registration is $125 per student, (or $225 per pair – ‘cuz it’s always good to have a bee buddy!).Lots of folks “from away” make these classes a destination weekend getaway, and October is indeed a lovely time to be in Maine.

The class is based on The Thinking Beekeeper book series.We cover the history of beekeeping methods, pests and diseases and other issues to overcome, the plague of varroa destructor, and what to do inside your hive – when to do it, and why. But the very best part, at least for me as an instructor, is the Q&A stuff. There’s just something really gratifying about being a part of that learning journey, and the exchange of information. As a teacher, I stand to learn something from every new student I encounter and every question I am asked. It’s awesome.

It also means that we all had to get into the same real-life room at the same real-life time… and sometimes that’s tough to accomplish. Between school, work, schedules, kids, weather, and distance – it’s not always a simple matter to make that happen.

(Though we CAN travel to YOUR location to make it easier – if you’d like to host a class, give us a shout at Class hosting inquiry)

We want you to know there’s another option:The Thinking Beekeeper Educational Series includes both Thinking Beekeeper books, and an online version of the Weekend Intensive. You can watch the online version around the clock - 24/7/365 – so no schedule conflicts! And if you purchase both books from Gold Star Honeybees, you get a discount off the books, AND a discount off the class.Here’s that link: Thinking Beekeeper Series.

So sharpen up your pencils and open up your notebooks.It’s time for another season of bee learning to begin.Thanks, all – we’ll see you in class!

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