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Top Bar Hives

The best and most important feature
of a top bar hive?

Is what goes on inside the hive...

Letting the bees be in charge of their own natural process —

This is what makes for natural beekeeping.

The Gold Star Top Bar Hive promotes healthy honey bees by allowing bees to make their own natural beeswax. This helps bees by strengthening their immune systems, helping them to fight off parasites and other bee problems without the use of toxic chemicals in the beehive. This simple, green beekeeping method is a wonderful way for you to be able to do something good for the bees!  And did we mention that there's none of the heavy lifting involved with stackable hives? It's true!  Good for bees, good for the planet, good for the beekeeper!

To order your Gold Star top bar hive, click here.




To order your Gold Star top bar hive, click here.



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