About our Top Bar Hive Beekeeping Classes

We offer a variety of ways you can learn about Top Bar Hive Beekeeping, the four types of classes we offer are listed below:


- How and Why Workshops

- Top Bar Hive Beekeeping Class (Live Weekend Intensives)

- Online Top Bar Hive Beekeeping Class

- Thinking Beekeeper Educational Series


Register for any of our top bar hive beekeeping classes.


Great feedback we've received about the Weekend Intensive Class:

"I have been thinking about what it is that makes Christy's class different than other teachings that are available to beekeepers and top bar hive beekeepers:The class is not only about keeping bees in top bar hives, it is also about bees. What I mean is that it is completely comprehensive. Anyone can Google around for months on end and never find all the information that is included in the class. It is soup to nuts on keeping bees and keeping them in top bar hives. She is an engaging and entertaining teacher building a community of like minded beekeepers who can grow together in experience and in support of one another."       -- Suzanne Brewer


"I just attended Christy’s Weekend Intensive bee class and found it to be a perfect introduction to the fine art of bee keeping. Christy’s style lends itself to a class full of exploration into the fascinating life of the honey bee. I learned how important this insect is to sustaining our agricultural and natural systems and how imperiled they are by the same practices that have brought industrial agriculture to the unsustainable place it now occupies.


I cannot recommend strongly enough the importance and outright fun that this class can deliver. I have signed up for a top bar hive as a result and can hardly wait to roll down my sleeves and become a member of the bee keeping world. If you have ever thought that you might want to know more about tending wild bees and are looking for a perspective that draws the best from age-old practices and explores the newest methodologies of organic bee keeping, this is the class for you. Enjoy!"      

-- Des FitzGerald

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