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Feeding the Bees


For more information on where you can find and purchase bee friendly plants for your area, please seek out a local American Beauties nursery/garden outlet.

For information on Plant Hardiness zones and TREES... check out this article from Tree Triage: 

And here's a list of bee friendly plants.  Plant them or preserve them where you find them!

Asclepias incarnata - Swamp Milkweed
Asclepias incar. ‘Ice Ballet’ – Swamp Milkweed
Asclepias tuberosa - Butterfly Milkweed
Baptisia australis - Blue False Indigo
Chelone glabra - White Turtlehead
Coreopsis 'Sunshine Superman' - Star Tickseed
Coreopsis verticillata - Threadleaf Tickseed
Echinacea purpurea 'Happy Star'- Coneflower
Echinacea purpurea 'Ruby Star'- Coneflower
Echinacea pur. 'Prairie Splendor'- Coneflower
Eupatorium coelestinum - Joe Pye Weed
Eupatorium 'Little Joe' - Dwarf Joe Pye Weed
Geranium maculata - Wild Geranium
Geranium maculata 'Espresso' - Cranesbill
Helenium 'Tiny Dancer' -Sneezeweed
Heliopsis heli. 'Summer Nights' - Oxeye Daisy
Lobelia cardinalis - Cardinal Flower
Lobelia siphilitica - Great Blue Lobelia
Lupinus perennis - Sundial Wild Lupine
Monarda 'Blue Stocking' - Bee Balm
Monarda didyma 'Jacob Cline' - Bee Balm
Monarda first. 'Claire Grace' - Bee Balm
Oenothera f. 'Fireworks'- Evening Primrose
Penstemon digi. 'Husker Red' - Beardtongue
Ratibia 'Red Midget'- Mexican Hat
Rudbeckia var. fulgida - Black Eyed Susan
Rudbeckia triloba - Three-lobed Coneflower
Rudbeckia tri. 'Prairie Glow' - Three-lobed Coneflower
Solidago 'Fireworks'- Goldenrod
Tradescantia ohiensis - Spiderwort
Verbena stricta - Hoary Vervain
Vernonia 'Iron Butterfly' - Ironweed
Veronicastrum virginicum - Culver's Root
Azalaea periclymenoides– Pinxterbloom Azalea
Azalaea vaseyi - Pink-Shell Azalaea
Azalaea viscosum - Swamp Azalea
Ceanothus americanus - New Jersey Tea Shrub
Rosa palustris - Swamp Rose
Rosa virginiana - Pasture Rose
Salix discolor - Pussy Willow
Spiraea tomentosa - Steeplebush
Vaccinium corymbosum 'Blue Jay'
Vaccinium corymbosum 'Northland'
Vaccinium corymbosum 'Rubel'
Acer saccharum - Sugar Maple
Cercis canadensis - Redbud
Quercus bicolor - Swamp White Oak


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