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  • A pair of extra fondant frames to go with the base fondant feeder kit.

    Fondant Feeder frames - set of 2

    Q:  How do you feed a top bar hive in winter? A:  With a Fondant Feeder! This winter-only feeder acts just like a fake honeycomb, making fondant (hard sugar candy) accessible to your bees in winter - when they cannot break cluster...

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  • Holds 2, 3.5, 5 and 6 gallon buckets.  Pops apart for cleaning and storage. Bucket Tipper holds the bucket securely for you.

    Handy Bucket Tipper holds the bucket for you

    Everyone knows that honey moves at its own speed.  We don't heat it to hurry it - that destroys the essence of its goodness! This hands-free bucket tipper is one very convenient tool when waiting on your honey to move between containers.  Pops...

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  • A piece of brood comb and some lemongrass essential oil works well to attract a swarm!

    Swarm Lure for Top Bar Nuc Boxes

    Just like our Starter Comb product - our Swarm Lure makes bees WANT to be in the box! Attract bees to your swarm trap or nuc box with this combination of brown brood comb and lemongrass essential oil. Product contains: one piece of brown brood...

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  • One quart syrup feeder jar works well to get a new hive started in the spring!

    Syrup Feeder

    Feed your new bees with ease with our uber-simple syrup feeder kit.  The Gold Star Top Bar Hive Feeder is accessed by your bees through the follower board - the one with the "drive-through window" access hole.  Feeding syrup supports your...

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  • This starter comb kit will make your bees feel right at home in their new hive!

    Top Bar Hive Starter Comb

    Losing your bees to “absconding*” just after hiving them in your brand new top bar hive is heartbreaking.  Keep them at home with this simple hive starter comb!This helpful tool contains: one piece of brown broodcomb** one length of...

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  • Long, straight, sharp - just what a top bar hive tool should be!

    Top Bar Hive Tool

    Just the right size and shape for a top bar hive tool - it does a great job of handling the tasks you need to accomplish in your Gold Star top bar hive.  This top bar hive tool may have been a carving knife in another life - but it does a great job...

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