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  • Top Bar Hives means beeswax made BY bees, FOR bees.  This is the cleanest wax EVAH!

    How and Why To Keep Bees in Top Bar Hives

    You've never done BEES as EASY as these! It's FREE (and EASY) to find out more! This product is a downloadable .pdf file of the Powerpoint for our How & Why To Keep Bees in Top Bar Hives presentation.  You can also HOST or ATTEND a two-hour...

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    Top Bar Hive Beekeeping Class

    The Thinking Beekeeper Educational Series

    LIMITED TIME SPECIAL OFFER!  Order both books for a discounted price of $50.00 and receive a coupon for an additional $9.00 off toward the cost of The Thinking Beekeeper Online Class   Keeping bees in top bar hives is simple, easy,...

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