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3# Package Bees

How Can I Buy Live Honey Bees Through The Mail?


3# package bees_Natural wax from top bar hive


  •  About buying bees through the mail...

  • What?!?  You can buy bees through the mail?

  • How does this work?!

  • What is a 3# package?

  • Will the package come with a queen?

  • Is a 3# package what I need to start a new hive?

  • YES!!!

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Yes is the answer to all that!!!

A 3# package of live bees ships in a screened/ventilated box.

It will look much like the one in the picture. The package will contain roughly 3 pounds of honey bees. That's approximately 10,000 honeybees, enough to get a brand new hive off to a good start. The package will also contain a food source, and a queen bee. The queen bee will be contained in a small cage to keep her separate from the bees in the package while they travel. There will also be several "attendant bees" in the cage with her.

How are live honey bees shipped through the mail?

Gold Star Honeybees are shipped USPS Priority Mail. They will only ship via ground transportation because the USPS prohibits air transportation. Each 3# package of honey bees is insured for your full purchase price. They also ship “Hold for pickup” - and the post office will have your phone number. So be ready for a phone call from your post office asking you to "Come and get your bees!"

The USPS has a lot of experience shipping live bees. They average about a 95% success rate in getting the honey bees to you safely. Even when we ship cross-country. And yes, even when they are in transit across the weekend.  We confess that we had some concerns after seeing some of the issues the USPS experienced during 2020 - but after discussing those concerns with our customer support rep, we feel confident that they will be able to maintain that success rate.

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How do I get the bees into my hive?

Here's an up-close and personal video, taking you step by step through the opening of the package and the shaking of the bees into your hive.

What do I do if my honey bees don't arrive safely?

This is why we insure your bees. Occasionally something goes wrong. In the event a package of bees arrives damaged, or with more than 1” of dead bees on the bottom, or if the queen bee is dead – then you, the purchaser are able to file a claim online with the USPS and to request reimbursement for the purchase price. Be sure to review our policies concerning your bee order here.  Gold Star Honeybees cannot/will not file any claims.  But we CAN provide copies of your purchase paperwork if you can't find yours, so reach out.

How do I know when to order my live honey bees to be shipped?

Bee hives need to be started at about the same time as the honeybees' food sources begin to bloom in your area. So choose a date that's close to or just after the average last frost date in your area. Not sure when the average last frost date is where you live? Visit the Farmer's Almanac website to learn more.

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  • A happy customer with a beautiful 3# package of live honey bees for sale There's a queen cage inside of every 3 pound package of honey bees for sale at Gold Star Honeybees.  There will be attendant bees in each cage with her to care for her during transit.


    Greetings, Beekeepers! This update was posted 5/23/2021 - We are sold out of bees for the 2021 Bee Season. Sorry if we missed you - check out our Patreon page  for our Weekend Intensive top bar hive beekeeping class, and for additional...


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