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CONNECTION is IMPORTANT.  It makes us stronger.  It joins us together, and much of the time, two heads turn out to be better than one!  In some ways, being connected also makes us more vulnerable... but together, we can be less fragile. Are you looking for other folks near you who also keep bees on their own natural wax?

Gold Star Honeybees sponsors Facebook groups so people of like mind can locate each other, around the globe.  Beekeeping is hugely global and intensely local - both at the same time.

The Global group is here:

The Local groups are below.  If where you live is not listed, you can request it here.



Connection is Crucial

TEDx Dirigo
Published on Oct 21, 2011

As the founder of Gold Star Honeybees, Christy Hemenway is working to reintegrate honeybees and farming. The movement toward small, organic, local, diversified farms creates a ripe environment for this. Gold Star Honeybees' signature top bar hive lets bees make their own beeswax honeycomb in a natural, chemical-free way. Hemenway offers classes and workshops across the county to teach new beekeepers about stewarding bees. She makes the connection between bees, our food system, human health, and the health of the planet.




As a doctor, I can’t tell you how often I recommend people use natural, organic, locally produced honey from local honeybees as a means of staving off allergies and promoting good health.  I, myself, use honey pretty much every morning, so I understand the importance of having good bees because without good bees, we wouldn’t have good honey.

But what do the bees have to teach us?  Much more than we realize.  These insects, which pollinate the plants that feed us, are offering important information about the impact of humans upon the environment.  Bees are also used increasingly in healing therapies.  Today, we speak with Christy Hemenway and Dr. Theo Cherbuliez, and explore what the bees have to teach us.

Bees #132 Transcription





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