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A Gold Star Weekend Intensive is two very full days, packed with the information you need to be ready to keep your own bees in top bar hives. Join a group of like-minded folks who are concerned about the health and preservation of the honey bee, the safety of our environment, and the integrity of our food system.

The intensive includes four sections that integrate beekeeping history, bee biology, top bar hive management, and hive health:

How We Got Here From There - A history of the beekeeping methods and agricultural practices that have brought us to the methods in use today. What effect are these methods having on honey bees? What is causing CCD, and what can you do to help?

Inside the Hive - What are the bees doing in there? How can we support their natural biological processes and systems, interfering as little as possible?

When To Do What and Why - Starting a new hive, performing hive inspections, comb handling, honey harvesting, wax rendering, mite monitoring, splitting your hive, winterizing. This section includes hands-on work with Gold Star equipment.

Terrible Things That Can Happen To Your Wonderful Bees - Forewarned is forearmed! Learn how to keep your bees healthy, and how to recognize and resolve problems in the hive.

Students that successfully complete the intensive receive a signed Certificate of Beginning from Gold Star Honeybees.

We believe that beekeeping is a journey - and we hope that today’s beekeepers don’t stop learning - but continue their journey into a healthier future for themselves, and for the bees.

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