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Greetings and Congratulations!

We are so excited that you’re about to start keeping bees in a Gold Star top bar hive!

Here’s how we will handle it if there’s a problem:


Please inspect the contents of your shipment as soon as possible**.

In case of damage to your items during shipping:

Please get in touch with us right away, and we will make it right.

You can call us at 207-449-1121 or email us at


Oops! We’ll take care of this right away! Dig up your order info and contact us.

You can call us at 207-449-1121 or email us at


We’re happy to take back anything from Gold Star Honeybees that isn’t everything you ever wanted in the way of beekeeping equipment. Unopened, unused items can be shipped back to us at: Gold Star Honeybees, 1043 High Street, West Gardiner, ME  04345.

Upon receipt, the purchase price of the item will be refunded promptly.

Sorry, but we cannot refund shipping costs on returned items.



If you started out optimistic, but find that you’ve miscalculated the time, energy or woodworking skill required to complete one of our DIY kits, we have got you covered!

All Gold Star top bar hive kits are “nested” products – in other words, they build on each other. So if you need to upgrade to the next level DIY kit, or even all the way up to the Deluxe hive kit, the cost of your original purchase will be applied to the cost of the next kit up the chain, dollar for dollar. Just give us a buzz and we’ll get you going. We’re at 207-449-1121 or


*This information applies only to inanimate objects. For our Bee Policies, click here.

** We cannot accept reports of damaged goods beyond 42 days from the ship date.

Click here to download this information in .pdf format.








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