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  • Beautiful 3# package of treatment-free bees


    May 16 Note:  We are sold out of bees for 2019.  Thank you for your interest.  If you'd like to receive a notification when bees go on sale at the beginning of the year, please join our "Bee List" by entering your email in the field below...

  • Apiary Expansion Top Bar Hive

    Apiary Expansion Top Bar Hive

    FOR THE BEEKEEPER READY TO EXPAND THEIR APIARY: 1 Deluxe Hive Kit (No additional items are included) Free Shipping The Gold Star Deluxe top bar hive kit gets the Gold ⭐️ Star when it comes to easy inspections, quality construction, versatility,...

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  • A pair of extra fondant frames to go with the base fondant feeder kit.

    Fondant Feeder frames - set of 2

    Q:  How do you feed a top bar hive in winter? A:  With a Fondant Feeder! This winter-only feeder acts just like a fake honeycomb, making fondant (hard sugar candy) accessible to your bees in winter - when they cannot break cluster...

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  • Simple and easy to understand, these detailed construction plans will help you build the Gold Star Deluxe top bar hive!  Metric and English units.

    Gold Star Top Bar Hive construction plans

     Gold Star Top Bar Hive construction plans The Gold Star top bar hive is our top-of-the-line, bee-loving, beekeeper-friendly, beehive kit.  Build the real deal!  These detailed top bar hive construction drawings recreate the Gold Star...

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  • Top Bar Hives means beeswax made BY bees, FOR bees.  This is the cleanest wax EVAH!

    How and Why To Keep Bees in Top Bar Hives

    You've never done BEES as EASY as these! It's FREE (and EASY) to find out more! This product is a downloadable .pdf file of the Powerpoint for our How & Why To Keep Bees in Top Bar Hives presentation.  You can also HOST or ATTEND a two-hour...

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  • New-Bee DOUBLE Hive Starter Setup

    New-Bee DOUBLE Hive Starter Setup

    Beginning your beekeeping journey with two hives can make a world of difference to you and your bees. Not only will you learn (more than!) twice as much, but if one hive develops a problem, such as becoming queen-less, you will have what you need to save...

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  • New-Bee SINGLE Hive Starter Setup

    New-Bee SINGLE Hive Starter Setup

    The New Bee SINGLE Starter Setup includes: 1 Deluxe Hive Kit - now made of cypress! 1 Syrup Feeder 1 Hive tool Two top bar beekeeping books by Christy Hemenway: The Thinking Beekeeper - A Guide to Natural Beekeeping in Top Bar Hives Advanced...

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  • Gold Star Honeybees' well known Weekend Intensive class on Top Bar Hive Beekeeping - presented here in a condensed format on Vimeo.

    Online Top Bar Beekeeping Class

    Click here to purchase:  Online Top Bar Hive Beekeeping Class! About the Online Class: The live Gold Star Weekend Intensive is two very full days, jam-packed with the information you need to be ready to keep your own bees in top bar hives. It is...

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